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About us

MRC Company

It is an engineering company aiming to be a world brand in the elevator sector and aiming to construct manufacturing and service according in Avrupa standards beyond its assembly line with its experienced staff.


We have been providing technical consulting, projecting and engineering services to many lift companies in the sector for years and share our enthusiasm and pride in supplying products and services to the MRC brand market since 2005.

MRC is pleased to offer its services as a supplier for plants, elevators, escalators and passenger conveyors as well as vertical movement and stair transport for the disabled that your company may require in domestic and


The following points show how MRC is the best means for developing any type of job contract and the  most complex projects


 Innovative approach

 Identification of solutions and options to optimise problems concerning people and goods transport inside a building where elevators must be installed.


 Multidisciplinary structure

Utilising the services of some of the worlds best specialists to:


- carry out traffic flow optimisation studies;

- construct and install elevators, escalators and passenger conveyors;

- develop computerized management of installation that uses a software to carry out monitoring and diagnostic operations from a remote supervision center.

- Innovative and technologically advanced applications

- Ability to adapt to complex operating situations.




 An effective problem-solving approach for managing large and complex works thanks to years of experience in the sector


 Maximum quality

 Work methods suitable for achieving the maximum quality of the products supplied and services provided (with the goal of reducing costs!)


Experience in constructing plants for public and private facilities with intense traffic, such as subway stations, etc.

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